Lynn's Q&A

Question 1 — Natalie

Do you sleep with or without socks?


Without socks, of course, I heard that it's bad to sleep with socks on.

Question 2 — Carson

If you like anime what is your favorite anime? Mine is Naruto.


I do like anime, haven't watched any in a while but I'd say Noragami.

Question 3 — Leanna

is if you could have any Super Power what would it be? Mine: Shapeshifter!!


I was thinking mind-reading or invisibilty, but those two would make me go crazy. I'll be basic for this one and say flight.

Question 4 — Brian

My question for you all is what is one place you want to travel to? My answer is Tokyo, Japan.


Japan's not bad, but I can't choose just one place. I'd love to visit Austria again though.

Question 5 — Ethan

What's everyone's favorite Pringles flavor? My favorite is Pizza.


I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to sit this one out. I don't like Pringles at all.

Question 6 — Rachel

Favorite animal? Mine is rabbit :)


I have a 4 month-old Siberian kitten so I'd say the Siberian cat. I did have a little gray and white rabbit named Max, though :)

Question 7 — Madison

Do you have a sport you love to play?


I love playing field hockey, never tried ice hockey but I'd love to. I also love playing badminton and I'm a big fan of volleyball.

Question 8 — Alejandro

What is your favorite genre of music and/or artist? Mine is City Pop (atm) and Kanye West.


I love electronic/dance music. Some of my fav artists are Loud Luxury, Imanbek, Chico Rose, KREAM, Jax Jones, Tiësto, etc. I also love Post Malone's songs a lot :)

Question 9 — Lynn

Peppermint in your hot cocoa, or no?


It's a definite yes for me.

Question 10 — Tien

Is there any that knows BTS or is a fan of BTS? Who is your bias? I know that I am a fan of BTS and my bias is Jin.


I've been to a BTS concert in Saudi Arabia with my friend. I'd say Jimin.

Question 11 — Tommy

Do blind people see only black or is the concept of color non-existent so they see nothing?


I don't think they see black, the concept of color is non-existent so they see nothing. I read that they do dream in color, though.

Question 12 — Phillip

What is your favorite food?


My favorite food is rice, specifically joojeh kabob with white rice. I also love potato salad and any form that potatoes can come in. Falafels & hummus with chicken are amazing as well. I can't decide. CAVA is amazing too :(

Question 13 — Chelsea

Do you guys like to watch anime? If so what's your favorite or top 3?


In no specific order, Ouran Highschool Host Club, AOT, Noragami, Toradora, Himouto! Umaru-Chan, and I forgot the other ones, oops.

Question 14 — Jennifer

Soooo, what is your favorite game?


My favorite game is ESO, OW, and Fire Emblem. BATIM was super fun too.

Question 15 — Katie

What was one of your favorite TV shows to watch when you were a kid?



Question 16 — Sarah

What's a legitimate food/dish you've never eaten, that you hope you will never have to eat?


Definitely Balut.

Question 17 — Tatyana

What is your biggest fear?


Being stranded in the middle of the ocean with no land near me, and then getting tired of swimming and then drowning.

Question 18 — Michelle

Don’t hate me now, does pineapple belong on pizza? Because I think it totally does:)


Honestly, I love mixing together sweet and savory foods so I do think pineapple is not so bad on pizza. Only I don't really like pizza or bread..

Question 19 — Amy

If you had to be any insect, what insect would you be and why?


I'd like to be a happy little ladybug because I can bring luck to everyone. Side note: I have a video of a ladybug flying on me while I was making potato salad in the kitchen.

Question 20 — Adam

If you guys have to either go back 10 years to the past and re-live your life without being able to change anything, or skip 10 years of your life, which one would you choose?


I absolutely hate dwelling on the past, but I guess I would go back. It's not worth being 10 years closer to death. Also, what the heck is this question my brain is fried.